Creative Ideas To Reuse, Reduce And Recycle Old Clothes (Part 2)

Every season, you want to follow new fashions, and it is good that you shop because you stimulate the economy and business. But you also have to encourage ourselves to recycle clothes since it is another good alternative to preserve the environment. Six million tonnes of clothing are thrown away in Europe every year, of which only 25 percent are recycled, 2700 liters of water are needed to make a 250-gram cotton T-shirt. It’s therefore important to reuse clothes and buy ecological fabrics. But surely the question you ask yourself is how to recycle old clothes. Let’s check out some savvy ways to reuse old clothes!

#1. Spice Up Your T-Shirts


You are probably just bored with some of your clothes and want to give them a more modern touch. Do you want to know how? It is very simple! You just need scissors and a little imagination. Fold a basic shirt in half but over the longest part of the garment. Then mark the drawing you are going to make and prepare to cut out. The truth is that you can innovate with hundreds of spectacular designs like this one that we show you.

#2. Make Chews For Your Dog By Reusing Old Towels, Socks, And Other Clothes

Even older garments can offer a second utility before being thrown away. Reusing old towels, socks, or jeans to make teethers for your pets is clear proof of this. In this case, you will always try to use cotton garments as raw material. 

#3. Make Baby Bibs From Used Clothing

Bibs are handy to prevent your babies from staining their clothes. They are garments that are designed to get dirty and wash continuously. If you have fabrics prepared for humidity, such as those used to make technical clothing, raincoats, or swimsuits, you can easily recycle them into long-suffering bibs. 

#4. Recycle The Sleeves Of A Sweater To Make Fingerless Gloves

One of the easiest clothing recycling projects is to cut the sleeves from an old sweater or shirt to make fingerless mittens or gloves. An ideal complement to be able to use your mobile phone in winter without your hands freezing. 

#5. Make A Case For Your Mobile Phone Or Sunglasses

Another good idea to recycle a shirt, sweater, or coat sleeves is to use them to make a protective cover for your mobile phone or shades. This way, you will avoid being rub against other objects when you carry them in the bag. 

#6. Use The Fabric Of Clothing That You Do Not Use To Upholster Chairs And Other Furniture

Using the fabric of your old clothes to upholster your furniture, you will be able to extend the life of the fabrics and add a touch of color to your home. 

#7. Using Denim To Make A Tool Holder Apron

If you like to do DIY projects beyond sewing, a tool holder apron may be handy. The back of some old jeans can provide us with a resistant fabric that you can use as raw material. 

#8. Make Some Slippers From An Old Sweater

If you have a thick wool sweater, you can make some warm slippers to walk around the house. Searching the net a bit, you will find many websites that offer us free patterns that you can use as a model to make them. 

#9. Make A Wall Organizer Out Of Pockets From Old Jeans

Our old jeans’ back pockets can help us keep order in your home if you use them to make organizers, which you can hang on the wall or inside your closets. 

#10. Make Cleaning Cloths From Cotton Garments

Perhaps the easiest way to reuse your old clothes is to recycle them as cleaning cloths. You must always use fabrics made with natural fibers such as cotton since synthetic fibers can scratch glass and other materials.

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Creative Ideas To Reuse, Reduce And Recycle Old Clothes (Part 1)

Who hasn’t had one or more used clothes in the closet that are still there, even if you never use them? A little for being fond of it, a little for feeling guilty for putting it only once… It sure sounds familiar! Getting rid of used clothing is not easy, especially if the only alternative is to throw it away. In this post, you want to help you get those clothes that you no longer use out of the closet and give them a second chance. If with that gesture you can make more than one person happy, what are you waiting for?

#1. Make A Top From A T-Shirt, Shirt, Or Sweater

Applying the previous concept to your t-shirts, shirts, or sweaters can also cut them to reuse them as perfect tops for the hottest days. 

#2. Recycle An Old Dress Into A Skirt

Indeed sometimes, you will have discarded a dress because it was beginning to look old at the top, but some part of it was still perfect. With a couple of cuts and a few stitches, you can turn your old dresses into new skirts.  

#3. Use A Man’s Shirt To Make A Girl’s Dress

A men’s shirt with a worn or torn area can be the perfect candidate to become a children’s dress. As they are very different sizes, you will have plenty of fabric to elaborate modifications and add ornaments, pockets, and other accessories. 

#4. Make Cushions With Garments That You No Longer Use

The fabric of the clothes you no longer use is ideal for transforming it into other garments and other textile objects, such as fantastic cushions. You can use the most colorful to make the cushion covers and those older or a little uglier fabrics to use as fillers. 

#5. Toys And Stuffed Animals For The Little Ones Made From Recycled Clothes

If you have some basic sewing knowledge, you can unleash your creativity to create toys and stuffed animals from the clothes you no longer use. So you can use even the smallest remnants. 

#6. Make A Cloth Bag From T-Shirts, Shirts, Or Dresses

The best-preserved parts of your shirts, T-shirts, and dresses can be used as material for making cloth shopping bags or bags to store bread.

#7. Use Scraps Of Old Clothes To Personalize Other Clothes

Maybe you have a dress, shirt, or garment that you love its texture, color, or pattern. If you do not want to discard it completely, you can always use a remnant of this garment to customize another that you do wear. You can do it by adding sewing patterns, adding pockets, bows, ornaments, etc. 

#8. Make A Quilt Or Patchwork Blanket

If you like to sew, patchwork can be an excellent way to have a good time protecting the environment. You can combine scraps taken from different clothes and fabrics and make perfect blankets and quilts for winter. 

#9. Use Umbrella Cloth To Make A Waterproof Apron

When an umbrella breaks down, and you can no longer use it to protect yourself from the rain, the most common is that it is because one or more rods have been broken. However, the fabric tends to remain in good condition, and being waterproof, it is ideal for making an apron for painting or use in the kitchen. 

#10. Reuse Used Clothing Fabric To Make A Pet Bed

Our best friends also deserve a good rest from time to time. Your old bedding can be perfect for getting the raw material you need to make a pet mattress

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