How Are Cans Recycled

How Are Cans Recycled


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    – Recycling to reduce environmental impact

    – How to Recycle Cans

Cans are hermetically sealed metal containers that can be used to store all kinds of prepared foods and vegetables at room temperature. Very practical in everyday life, it is essential to recycle them. Is it necessary to clean them before throwing them away? In this post, we look closely at how they are recycled.

How cans are made

How Are Cans Recycled

The tin can was invented at the beginning of the 20th century to meet the needs of the navy and the army, and then it gradually penetrated civilian homes:

    – By the 1950s, it was used worldwide by the food industry to preserve meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, ready meals, dairy products, and animal feed.

    – Today, it is one of the emblems of consumer society.

The cans are made of a single material which can be steel or aluminum.

These metals are 100% recyclable without losing their properties over time and recycling, which is an excellent thing for the environment. Indeed, using recycled metal for manufacturing new cans reduces the extraction of ore, which means a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Recycling: reducing environmental impact

Advances in the metallurgical industry have made it possible to reduce the thickness of cans by 20 to 30%:

    – These cans have become lighter and more economical regarding raw materials and energy.

    – The evolution of their shape has also made them more compact and stackable, increasing the storage capacity of the cans in the containers.

    – These different factors help reduce the impact on the environment.

How to recycle cans?

How Are Cans Recycled

Today, steel and aluminum are increasingly better sorted and recycled:

    – In the sorting center, a magnet separates steel waste from other waste and aluminum by a magnetic current.

    – The aluminum and steel are then compacted, crushed, and heated until they are melted down to make new objects.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to clean cans when they are thrown away.

The most important thing is to sort the cans in our different garbage boxes!

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