Ollas: An Eco-Responsible Way to Water Plants

Watering your plants in a prudent and precise way is not easy. In a world marked by increasingly frequent periods of drought, freshwater is a precious commodity. The ollas system is an ecological solution. It is an ancestral device that allows regular watering plants, an underground irrigation technique that works through a clay pot filled with water. Explanations. 

An ancestral technique that has proven itself


The origin of the ollas remains undetermined concerning the place and date of their appearance. Remains were found in the Mediterranean basin in ancient Rome and China about 2,000 years ago. Recently, these clay pots have become very popular because of their efficiency and ecological dimension.

This pot has been designed cleverly and has porous properties. The pot is buried near the plant that needs to be watered. There are different sizes of pottery. Then, you have to fill this container with water, and you put the lid on. The water inside the pot will diffuse because the clay is porous. The tiny droplets that escape will allow the plant to be watered slowly and in the correct quantity. The watering is done at the level of the roots. Thus, some diseases that spread on wet leaves do not find the right place to spread. Water savings can reach up to 50%.

A very efficient ecological watering system


Once the container is emptied, it is necessary to refill it again, and that’s it. This innovation has many advantages in several respects. This slow, regular watering system stops when the soil is sufficiently moist because the pot and the plant can regulate themselves. The plant only absorbs the amount of water it needs. The pot releases the precise amount, and when the soil is sufficiently watered, it stops releasing the tiny drops.

This slow and regulated technique allows the plant to manage its own water needs. It also allows facing a frequent concern: the forgetfulness of watering. This is especially true when you go on vacation for a few days and the temperature rises. Moreover, this system allows providing the plant with a perfectly adapted quantity of water.

The use of terracotta pots to water crops is an ancient watering system intended to reduce the amount of water to save it. In times of drought and the fight against climate change, this device is clearly in the era of time. While some people tend to over-water their garden plants, which can lead to water stress, the ollas help avoid this situation by giving them regular and precise water requirements.

A clever system that is back in fashion

This technique is therefore in vogue. Some companies have understood this and have started to use it. Sales of clay jars are doing well. The potteries are handmade; they are made of clay, a recyclable and durable material. The concept should seduce more and more people in the years to come.


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