Veganuary: An International Campaign to Become More Sustainable

While plant-based eating has drawn a backlash over the years, particularly from the dairy and agricultural industries, the environmental benefits are hard to ignore. And as global pressure for sustainable consumption mounts, vegan diets show no signs of abating.

Greenpeace has estimated that the number of vegan and vegetarian has quadrupled since 2014, with around 1% of most countries now consuming plant products. And that’s how the Veganuary concept was born. Never heard of it? Or you know about it but want to learn more? You’ve reached the right place. In today’s article, we talk about Veganuary, this recent international sustainable campaign. Read on!

Veganuary is the name chosen by its creators in 2014 for the world’s largest project for the dissemination of the vegan choice.

It is not a diet but a different eating style to the one we are used to and which is mainly based on the consumption of completely vegetable foods and the suspension of animal proteins.

An initiative that has now gone viral: veganuary is the most searched word and has conquered curious people from all over the world, including us.

What is Veganuary?

An initiative that has also attracted many celebrities and that provides a style of nutrition completely devoid of content of animal origin. An international campaign, born in 2014, to help spread a food culture that is respectful of the planet, free of animal cruelty and an opportunity to experience this way of eating and living.

In 2020 it also comes to Italy thanks to Be Animali, a non-profit organization for animal rights that focuses in particular on the food industry.

It takes its name from Veg + January ; January precisely, the month in which the participants have to start the “challenge” as the beginning of a new year, has always brought with it goals to achieve and great willpower.

But then there is the hope that we do not stop in January and that this new “monthly” lifestyle becomes a true lifestyle that respects the environment and the animal kingdom.

The challenge is to try a 100% vegan diet for 31 days with the hope of doing so in the next few days as well.

From these bases, in 2014, Veganuary was born ; a British non-profit organization that decides to challenge the world: 31 days to discover and learn a plant-based diet, go beyond the stereotypes that still often represent it today and understand its benefits. From the United Kingdom, year after year, this challenge has managed to cross borders and become known everywhere, going from 3,000 registered in 2014 to the current 500,000; a high number that, among other things, does not take into account those who have accepted the challenge without registering on the site.

Veganuary has become a path that has been able to involve many people but not only.

Companies also play a decisive role because by promoting their offer of vegan products they can also increase awareness about this lifestyle.

Since 2020, therefore, our country has also been added to the Veganuary list and the credit goes to Being Animals; non-profit animal rights organization that gives importance, in particular, to the food industry.

The activists of this non-profit organization carry out investigative work, verifying, in particular, the conditions in which some farms live.

They take photographs and record videos to bring the images to the attention of newspapers, social networks and public institutions in order to promote a food system that ends the exploitation of animals and is more sustainable for the planet.

The organization thus becomes the promoter of this food initiative by activating a site where it is possible to register and receive, every day, advice, newsletters with practical information and events, a list of things to buy and recipes to make.

So what are your thoughts on this campaign? Are you going to join it too? Let us know in the comments below.

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