Astounding Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Picnic

When the bright shining sun is out, the sky is a striking blue and the air carries a fresh smell, it inspires you to have a nice picnic. However, it is important also to consider the environment around you. Therefore, we bring you some fantastic ways to have an eco-friendly picnic.

#1. Have Your Picnic at a Local Location

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When it comes to having a picnic, many of us tend to opt for an extravagant place and the traveling process often requires much time and energy. However, instead of driving to faraway destinations and burning a lot of fuel, why don’t you choose some lovely places around your location itself?

Now, remove that misconception from your head that you have seen all places in your area and instead, with the help of the internet and some navigational technology, look for some breathtaking picnic spots in your locality. Besides, even your simple backyard could do for a fun family picnic.

#2. Have an Eco-Friendly Menu

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Even if you are having a nice picnic, you can still go green and choose meals that will cause less harm to the environment.

  • Choose organic foods as they are not only nutritious but were usually grown and processed using farming ways that recycle resources and do not make use of synthetic pesticides or bio-engineered genes, hence promoting sustainability.
  • And, I strongly believe that the outdoors is the perfect place to eat veggies. I don’t recommend beef for your green picnic as many environmentalists claimed that beef production on a huge scale poses several threats to the planet (for example, from the methane produced on cattle farms to the fuel it takes to transport the beef).
  • Moreover, I suggest supporting your local community or small farmers by purchasing local food or fresh and local ingredients to prepare your meals.
  • If you end up with orange peels or other food remains at the end of the picnic, you can add them to the compost pile as these compostable products can break down naturally and have several benefits for the environment.

#3. Grilling

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Who doesn’t like some tasty grilled food on a picnic?

But, before making such plans, consider the environment first as it is noted that grilling could generate a lot of carbon emissions into the air. However, if you still want grilled food for your picnic, then go for solar cookers which can make grilling better for the environment.

What if I don’t have solar cookers? Then use natural lump charcoal. But, rather than a lighter fluid, use a charcoal chimney.

#4. Avoid Packages and Take Away

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Ordering take-out looks like a very easy option when you are preparing for a picnic, isn’t it?

But, I am sure you know that the packaging is made out of plastic and you must also be aware of how much harmful plastic can be to the environment. In addition, wrappings that are used to prevent spillages of liquid food can also cause much harm to the planet.

So, now think about the amount of waste is being generated just with these takeouts.

#5. Take the Picnic Utilities From Your Home Instead of Buying New

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Did you know that all that you need for a picnic can be found in your house?

Take a good look around and you will find:

  • The perfect blanket you need
  • A nice and big carry-on bag
  • Cloth napkins
  • Mugs (you can even bring those cute Disney mugs for your kids)
  • Stainless intensils
  • Tumblers

Taking your own home supplies instead of buying new ones will not only help you not to spend so much money but will also cut back on waster and carbon emissions.

#6. Use Natural Repellents and Sunscreen

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An outdoor picnic represents lots of fun and adventure. But, it also means lots of bugs and insects of all types (but the most irritating with these insects is when they try to get into your meal).

The only way to keep these insects away from you is by using skin repellents or carrying an insecticide. However, as these products often consist of harmful chemicals which can be dangerous for the environment, we recommend you to choose natural skin protection and repellents.

If you are preparing for an outdoor picnic, will you consider our tips? And, once you have that nice picnic, why don’t you share your experience with us in the comment section below?