6 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas to Save the Planet

You have always been concerned about the planet and the destructive impact of human activities on our its well-being. It’s been a few months now since you started to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. And little by little, you aim to be living completely waste-free. However, there is a small problem: the holiday season is just around the corner, and in less than two months, it will be the most magical time of the year but also the moment when we, as individuals, contribute the most to the destruction of our planet with our gifts and wrapping paper that we buy in tremendous quantities.

Nevertheless, there is no need to perpetuate this tradition of using unsustainable wrapping paper. Set a new rule instead and let your creativity run wild: use only recycled and recovered items to wrap your Christmas gifts. It will also make the season much more fun. Not sure how to proceed? Here are a few original ideas to get you started:

Paper Rolls

We all have them, and they probably always go in the trash. But not this season! Paper rolls can be the perfect alternative to standard wrapping paper, especially if you plan to give something small but precious. You can achieve remarkable results in just a few easy steps by turning a paper roll into a pillow box. Don’t limit yourself with decorations, which include painting it, adding ribbons and glitter to it. Then fold one end inward, put the gift inside, and do the same with the other extremity.

Sheets of an Old Exercise Book

If you have teenagers, you probably have lots of old exercise books with unused pages around the house. You can tear off these sheets to make an original package. They will make a perfect alternative to the commercial wrapping paper, plus you can also easily create small gift rolls. Of course, you can add a dash of fun with some pentels or colorful pencils.


Many of us like to keep up to date with current events, and an excellent traditional way to do this is to buy newspapers. However, when we finish reading, we often just throw them in the corner and forget about them, but now it’s finally time to use them! Recycling old newspapers in a beautiful gift packaging is a great way to save money and preserve the planet. It also makes wrapping more fun. You can draw pretty flowers or plants on it or simply add a little preppy rosette with a bright red ribbon for even more excitement.

Old Sleeves

Are you looking for a pleasant and creative way to wrap a bottle of wine? The sleeve of an old man’s shirt will do the trick! No, it’s not a joke! Cut off one of the sleeves and sew its bottom. Place the bottle inside and fix the sleeve cuff and tie it with a ribbon or an organic thread with a small card.

Cereal Boxes

You’ll never have to purchase gift bags! For large gifts, you can turn a cereal box into a bag. Cut out the top part of the box and glue it inside the box to reinforce the bottom. Then punch two holes in both sides of the box and put a wrapping ribbon through the openings and tie it. You can, of course, decorate the package as you wish.

Unused Scarves

Have you heard the famous phrase “to kill two birds with one stone”? This is exactly what you’ll do with this alternative! Not only will you recycle but you will also let the one receiver reuse the scarf, which is even more sustainable. By following the Furoshiki Japanese art, you can get marvelous ideas to create some unique packages.

Once you’ve used these great gift wrapping ideas to make your holidays more eco-friendly, make a habit of using them for all your gift-giving opportunities. You’ll save money on materials but also reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable. Don’t forget to leave in the comments how your creative wrapping turned out.