5 Sustainable Clothing Brands in France

Let’s focus on eco-friendly fashion brands. In France, there are many initiatives in this area, all equally stylish and made locally. From wool jumpers from the Pyrenees to 100% French jeans and shoes from the Loire Valley, here are some of the best selection of sustainable brands for an eco-friendly shopping experience in France!

1) Jules & Jenn: French-style trainers

Timeless style and sustainable products: Jules & Jenn is committed to responsible consumption and conveys it with leather goods designed to last. The brand’s bags, wallets, shoes, and belts are produced in workshops in France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy using natural and ecological materials to minimize environmental impact.

One of Jules & Jenn’s signature products is the unisex trainer, handmade in a workshop in Montjean-sur-Loire, a boating village on the banks of the Loire between Angers and Nantes. Durable and comfortable, they are available in grain leather or nubuck, in one or two colors. A trainer model is also made exclusively from recycled materials and produced in Portugal.

2) Maison Izard: Jumpers Made of Pure Pyrenean Wool

How about a warm jumper to protect you from the winter cold? Then look at the webshop of Maison Izard, a brand that sources wool for jumpers from Pyrenean villages. The wool is spun, woven, and knitted in an artisan workshop Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company), in the Tarn region. In addition to jumpers, Maison Izzard also produces hats, jackets, and socks, all equally warm, soft, breathable, and comfortable, thanks to the use of other materials such as recycled cotton. It’s a great way to keep the centuries-old art of weaving wool in the Pyrenees alive.

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3) Routine

Durable watches that are not only well designed but also easy to use: this is the creed of the French company Routine. All manufacturing processes take place in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, from case production to movement assembly, hands and dials. All of this is done with the expertise of French watchmaking specialists.

Routine watches are made of solid, wear-resistant materials to last a lifetime. In this way, they follow a radically different path from manufacturers specializing in program wear. There are two models to choose from: the “Original,” with its understated design and striking second hand, and the “Radar,” with its original graphic design that allows the wearer to read the time in two directions with its three pointers, making it difficult to choose. In addition, you can choose the strap and dial to create your own original model.

4) 1083

Jeans and shoes made within 1083 kilometers of the person who will be wearing them. Why 1083? It is the distance in kilometers between the two most remote towns in France, Menton on the Côte d’Azur and Polesporden in Brittany. 1083 was the first French manufacturer to produce cotton jeans that were spun, woven, bleached and controlled, so this challenge was a success.

But the brand goes further and uses organic cotton and recycled materials. In addition, a special laser is used to bleach the cotton sustainably, using 95% less water and 75% less energy than the normal bleaching process. 1083 offers men’s, women’s, and children’s jeans , as well as Romansur Isère and ecologically designed shoes, jumpers, t-shirts, shorts, and jackets produced in Dordogne.

5) Le Slip Français: French From Head to Toe

From underwear to outerwear, everything is made in France.

Founded in 2011, the brand initially specialized exclusively in French-cut men’s underwear, as the name suggests. Since then, production has expanded to include not only women’s underwear but also clothing, accessories, and swimwear, all produced in France, from raw materials to finished products. The network of participating workshops allows all garments to be made within 250 kilometers of the consumer, and the products are appropriately marketed under the French flag.

Le Slip Français uses organic cotton and recycled fibers and considers its products’ ecological footprint. The brand is also part of Résidence#1, the first group of fashion makers in La Caserne, an initiative to promote the environmental transition of clothing and luxury goods in Europe.

Test & avis] Le Slip Français, la qualité et l'éthique | Gentleman Moderne

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