Creating a Sustainable Room For Kids: Essential Tips

More and more people are now moving toward using sustainable products. We are doing so to protect the environment, because we think sustainable products are beautiful and, most importantly, because we believe they enrich our lifestyles. So, why not create a sustainable nursery/room for the kids as well?

What Is A Sustainable Nursery?

When you hear the word “sustainable,” you may immediately think of something that will last. A sustainable nursery is composed primarily of sturdy, long-lasting furniture and accessories. But a sustainable children’s room is much more than that. It is a child’s room composed of objects with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

You can think in terms of natural materials and second-hand goods. Fair trade items are also perfect for a sustainable children’s room. Here are some tips for designing your own sustainable nursery without losing a lot of money.

Choose Sustainable Floors

Several durable flooring materials are available, including cork, solid wood flooring, linoleum, and vinyl. They are durable, textured, and easy to clean. Great for children’s rooms! Want to maintain your wood floors in a good and sustainable way? Choose 100% natural oils for maintenance.

Tips for Buying a Sustainable Bedroom Set

How do you set up a sustainable nursery? An eco-friendly nursery does not require too much. Excessive consumption destroys the environment! So, think first about what you really need in a child’s room. The basics of a child’s room are a crib, cot, changing table, and wardrobe. A nice chair, some baskets, and a changing mat are also very nice. Once you have all this, it’s time to add more accessories.

But where can you buy sustainable furniture for your child’s room? And where can you find environmentally friendly, fair trade accessories for your baby’s room?

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Second-hand Shopping Tips

Ask family and friends if they have any baby items they no longer use. Maybe you can get some of them for free. Better yet, see what they still have. An old wardrobe in the garage can be transformed into a chest of drawers. You can also add wooden shelves on top of the chest to make additional helpful storage space.

Thrift stores and flea markets are also great places to pick up beautiful and inexpensive baby room items. Often a simple cleaning, paint, and re-buttoning are all it takes to give your furniture a whole new look!

But you can also find some wonderful used treasures online, such as on Facebook pages or Instagram.

More Sustainable Shopping Tips

Not a big fan of second-hand nurseries? Then there are many ways to furnish your child’s room in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

  • For example, use an eco-friendly paint brand that can be used during pregnancy. It contains no toxic substances.
  • Choose sturdy furniture made of FSC-certified wood or bamboo.
  • For fabric accessories, go for natural materials such as bamboo and linen.
    Changing mats, hydrophilic cloths, and bed linens made of organic, natural materials are comfortable for babies’ delicate skin because they are free of chemical dyes. Also, did you know that some brands dye their fabrics with natural dyes from flowers and plants?
  • Avoid plastic as much as possible. Recycled plastic is always better than virgin plastic.

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The Mattress

Never skimp on a good mattress; it is better to choose an expensive mattress that will last a long time than a cheap mattress that you’ll have to replace in a year. And considering that children up to age 4 spend more than half of their day sleeping in bed, investing in a good mattress is definitely worth it!

Do you have more sustainable tips? Share it with us in the comments below!