How To Shop Online Ecologically?

Since the advent of online shopping, we have been able to order anything from the comfort of our homes. There is nothing wrong with this as it saves us time and effort. However, your shopping behavior may be unknowingly having a negative impact on the environment. What’s wrong with that? And what can you do about it?

These tips will help pave the way for a greener online shopping:

Right Time and Location

For many people, it is customary to have a parcel delivered to their doorstep within a week, and the long (and not very environmentally friendly) journey to get there is forgotten. Packages are usually delivered during the day when no one is around. As a result, the ordered items must be returned to the collection point, which increases unnecessary CO2 emissions. Please choose a time when you are at home or enter your work address as the delivery address. You can also choose to have your package picked up at your local pickup location.

The Right Size

Since return shipping is often free, many packages are sent back. This is especially a problem in the fashion industry, but e-commerce giants are also facing this problem all together. According to a recent study, about half of the clothes purchased from online stores are returned, which has a significant impact on the environment. Furthermore, it is said that some major online stores are disposing of these returned clothes in landfills instead of reselling them.

To minimize returns, the first thing to do is carefully check the clothes’ size. Read reviews from other users, take measurements at home, and choose clothes from brands you already have in your wardrobe.

Second Life

Are your new clothes but not what you expected despite the advice above? Before you put a return sticker on it, there are plenty of options to give it a second life. You can sell them on second-hand websites, give them away to friends, or participate in something like a swap event (clothing exchange).

Don’t Shop at the Last Minute

Online shopping not only makes one lazy but also impatient. Many web stores promise to deliver items ordered by 10 p.m. to your home the next day. However, this leaves much less time for the carrier to plan and bundle the flow of goods. Therefore, please be patient and make it clear that you can wait a few days during the order process.

Online Shopping, Amazon, Shop, Shopping, E Commerce
Online Shopping, Amazon, Shop, Shopping, E Commerce

Pay Attention to New and Old Electronics

When buying appliances online, paying attention to their consumption is advisable. Please pay attention to the number of kWh needed to run the device and whether or not it has a reusable battery.

You should also pay attention to your belongings after buying online. Take the phone or device you are replacing to garbage can park or recuperator recycling station instead of throwing it in the trash. As for old clothes, many upcycling stores will take care of them for you these days.

Putting Together an Order

Before ordering anything, always make it a habit to check with your family and friends to see if they want something from the same web store. In some cases, this can help you save on shipping costs. It is also essential to choose group orders for your packages. The delivery time will be a little longer, but it is desirable considering the lower CO2 emissions it will generate.

Choose Sustainable or Second-hand Labels

Online shopping is not only about how you shop but also about what you buy. Choose sustainable labels that focus on environmentally friendly production processes and those that do not use harmful materials. You can also buy used products online.

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