How To Wrap Your Presents in an Eco-Friendly Yet Stylish Way?

Eco-friendly gift wrapping doesn’t have to be boring, ugly, or expensive. With the right choice of wrapping material, you can wrap a great gift and not waste any money. In addition, you can also be more original! If you want to free yourself from traditional disposable paper but are afraid of losing the thrill of tearing apart beautiful packages, these alternatives are for you!

Alternative Ways To Wrap Gifts:

Butcher Paper

You will never run out of butcher paper, whether it is white or brown. With the growing popularity of online shopping, it can always be found in recycling bins and at friends, family, and neighbors’ places.

After cutting the paper to the desired size and wrapping the gift just like you would with traditional wrapping paper, you can draw holiday pictures on it or use holiday stamps. Christmas-themed stamps can usually be found in thrift stores.

Fabric Wrappers

The art of furoshiki is an old tradition that originated in Japan and has been used to wrap gifts for over 1200 years. Silk, or imitation silk made from natural materials such as hemp, can be a stylish alternative to paper wrapping.

Several companies also sell beautiful fabric swatches in various sizes that can be used to wrap many gifts.

Historical Maps

Before the advent of Waze and Google Maps, we used paper road maps to understand the terrain. An old paper road map or historical world map can make an impressive eco-friendly gift wrapping. What could be better?! Add a lovely big ribbon or a simple decoration, and you have the perfect gift.

Map Gift Wrap – Ramshackle Glam
Map Gift Wrap


There is a lot to say about using newspapers as recycled wrapping paper. The rambling part is always adorable. You can use newspapers in two different ways: to wrap small gifts or as a filler for gift bags.

You can easily find it in your recycling bin or in the free circulars that come in your mailbox. Newspapers come in colored or black and white, but both are very cute as eco-friendly gift wrap.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins may be a little stiffer than silk scarves, but they are a sustainable alternative to gift wrapping that has been around for hundreds of years. Cloth napkins can be found in most grocery stores. Available in various colors, cloth napkins go well with any scheme or other decorations you can think of, and the knot at the top makes a perfect bow.

Sustainable Fastening

Biodegradable Paper Tape

Many people may not think about how much traditional duct tape is harmful. However, there are now many biodegradable tapes available to secure packages. For instance, you can use washi tape made from tree fibers and bark, compostable paper tape, or natural adhesives for eco-friendly gift wrapping. The tape also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it possible to create super cute wrapping that will make anyone feel like a gift wrapping pro.

Upcycle Old T-Shirts, Sweaters, Flannel Pants, Etc.

Wouldn’t it be so cute to create a ribbon out of an old plaid shirt that you never wear? Cut a T-shirt into thin strips and wrap it around a gift to make a unique and beautiful ribbon.

Additional Decorations

Ornaments: Ornaments can be added to a gift to make the package more festive. Plus, recipients can use them to decorate for the holiday season each year.

Brooches: You can find a lot of great brooches in thrift stores or in your grandmother’s jewelry box. When you tie a package with a scarf or napkin, you can pin a brooch to the ribbon for a bit of celebration.

Dried Oranges: Dried oranges smell great and are very easy to make. Slice the oranges thinly and sandwich them between cloth tea towels.

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Gift Wrapping Idea

What are your thoughts on these sustainable ways to wrap gifts? Share them with us in the comments below!