Buying a Used Electric Car: Good or Bad Idea?

The increasing taxation of internal combustion vehicles and the soaring price of gasoline is changing consumer habits. Consumers are leaning more and more towards electric cars. Due to lack of means, some of them resort to second-hand electric vehicles. So when is it a good deal?

The history of the electric car


The first experimental electric car was developed in 1835 in the Netherlands by Sibrandus Stratingh. But it was not until major progress was made on batteries in 1865 and then in 1881 that the electric car really began to develop. At the end of the 19th century, there were three main types of cars: steam engines, gasoline engines, and electric engines.

Unfortunately for the electric car industry, the improvements made to the internal combustion engine are rapidly following each other. While the progress made on the electric motor and the batteries are rare. This is one of the reasons why, during the first part of the 20th century, the electric car was abandoned for the thermal gasoline car. The latter became cheaper and had a greater range.

The electric car has known a few revivals of interest, but in the 2000s, it really returns to the forefront. So much so that nowadays, we can almost wonder about the future of diesel and gasoline in our road vehicles.

The advantages of buying a used electric car

Used cars have many advantages. You just need to ensure certain criteria and conditions are met regarding the vehicle. If necessary, going to the place of purchase with an expert in the field would be a great asset.

Vehicles with regular maintenance

A rental vehicle is, first and foremost, a vehicle that professionals regularly maintain. These car models are often found in professional fleets. They are mostly used for long or short-term rental with a purchase option.

In fact, electric vehicles offer relatively simple mechanics. Their maintenance is also much less expensive in the long run compared to thermal vehicles. One will now be exempt from belt changes, repeated oil changes, and clutch problems. In addition, the engine of electric vehicles wears out less quickly than that of thermal vehicles.

Economic and ecological vehicles


Electric cars are more economical. About 4 euros of maximum charge will allow you to travel 100 km. And this performance does not degrade over time, as in the case of thermal cars when they are poorly maintained. You don’t have to worry about rising fuel costs with the electric car.

The main reason is that electric cars do not usually travel long distances. The other reason is the fact that electric vehicles drive slower than combustion cars and are less prone to traffic accidents. In fact, insurance services offer very affordable rates for electric cars.

What criteria should a used electric car meet?

To claim to have made a good deal by buying your electric car, certain criteria must be met, mainly the battery’s condition.

The battery to be favored

The main element of the electric car is its battery. It is the most expensive part of the electric car. For this reason, the choice of the new or used electric car must be made according to the state of its battery. It is advisable to prefer lithium-ion batteries for a new or used vehicle.

The lithium-ion battery is much more powerful than the Ni-Cd or lead battery. The lithium-ion battery is more durable, but ecologically it is surpassed by the Ni-Cd battery. Lithium batteries also do not lose charge even when not in use.

What tests should be performed?

There are indeed applications to test the state of the battery of a used electric car. The concept connects the application to the car to measure the SOH (State of Health). It is still advisable to refer to a professional to choose the right electric vehicle.

What else should I know?


The life of an electric car battery has undergone considerable progress. Nowadays, many batteries have a life span of about ten years on average. In fact, because of their moderate speed, electric cars are very suitable for transporting children.

Buying a used electric car is a good idea, provided that the battery is in good condition. Experiments have shown that the lithium-ion battery is the most suitable. So, test the health of your battery before the deal is done.

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