How to Celebrate an Ecological Halloween?

It seems incredible, but another year has passed, and we are once again at the gates of the most horrifying party of the year: Halloween. Candy, decorations, costumes, and greeting cards, all of which produce large amounts of waste, cannot be missing every Halloween. We have some eco-friendly tips to make this Halloween a little more planet and wallet-friendly.

Decorating with autumn fruits and dried leaves is a typical way of celebrating the start of the season, but it is also true that it has become a classic, and therefore bears no date on the calendar. Let’s seize this opportunity to craft lasting decorations that can come in handy and brighten up spaces throughout the year. As such, we’ll save time, money, and reduce waste, a threefold advantage that becomes a practical and advantageous ecological gesture. However, Halloween decorations have an incredibly intense and specific tone, which makes it challenging to achieve.

Let’s check out a few simple but smart and planet-friendly tips on how to make the most of the raw materials, namely the typical pumpkins and other accessories (scraps of fabric, old brooms, recycled candles, etc.) that create an elegant environment with a nice touch that is really spooky and terrifying…



Less Is More

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When it comes to ecology, reducing is winning. The famous three R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) make this clear. By the way, the same maxim can also be applied to the decoration. A happy coincidence that will help us work less and showcase our projects more.

If we think about it, it is probably useless to buy typical Halloween merchandise to fill the house, interior, and garden with objects that give us chills. It’s terrifying for the planet that we are going into consumerism when great alternatives are much more environmentally friendly. The benefits are worth it. On the one hand, we will only focus on one or more alternatives, so the result will be better because we will devote all our attention and more time. On the other hand, the ecology will be a chapter that will be passed with flying colors, mainly if we also use pumpkins that are well emptied and left to dry to make them last longer.



Taking Advantage of All This

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With the leftovers and the remaining pulp, it will be easy to make delicious dishes from its simple cooking, with a delightful taste if the pumpkin is not very sweet. Otherwise, let’s accompany it with a garnish or decoration that softens it, such as honey, nut cream, a little sugar, a sweetener such as Stevia, fructose … Pumpkin soup is also a delicious dish or puree, and we can even make a julienne type soup, with chunks that can be pieces of vegetables such as potato, onion, carrot, and, of course, the same pumpkin pulp chopped into small cubes.



Halloween Decoration

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Cooking can be a very, very good and rich idea. Not only because the possibilities of being creative are enormous, but also because the simplest recipes, such as muffins, cakes, or biscuits, can be used as the basis for decorating them in true Halloween style.

Finally, suppose we don’t want to give ourselves the time to make terrifying decorations. In this case, we simply reserve the typical lamp created from a carved pumpkin for the days leading up to Halloween and enjoy the autumn decoration. Whole pumpkins and other autumn fruits adapt, dry leaves and branches to create a suggestive atmosphere.

If we make it tastefully, it will serve us throughout the season, and just add details such as candles or the pumpkin carved on All Saints’ Day to give it special meaning. Let’s not forget that darkness is the best Halloween accessory and that it is free. Darkness is also very cheap, for the pocket and the planet, let’s play with it, not with our dear Mother Earth!