8 Ecological Gift Ideas for Christmas

The perfect Christmas gift: dream or reality? Giving a gift is not always easy. There is a risk that it will be left in a drawer and never used, causing waste, a waste of money, and resources. Are you short of ideas? We propose a list of ecological gifts for Christmas, suitable for everyone. Which one do you prefer?


#1. Reusable bottle in steel or glass

Most people buy water when they are away from home. It is not a healthy habit for the planet since plastic bottles are single-use, used only a few minutes, and then become waste. Also, many bottles are made of PET, a material that is not very safe at high temperatures or when water remains in contact with the container for a long time. The stainless-steel bottles are perfect for staying hydrated on the go. Depending on the model, they allow you to keep cold and heat for 24 hours. Besides, its greater diffusion has broadened the offer in the market, and there are many models and decorations for all tastes.


#2. Choose experiences

Do you want to make ecological gifts for Christmas? Choose experiences, not things! When you think of gifts, do you automatically think of an object? Wrong! A gift does not necessarily have to be an object. What do you think, for this Christmas, to surprise your loved ones by giving them some kind of experience? The type of activity will depend on the personality and taste of the people (and your budget), here are some ideas to enjoy together: from a field trip, a relaxing massage, a concert, a guided tour of your city, a surprise party with people who have not seen for a long time… it may be a more ecological option than something material.


#3. Organic food

Already the food market has authentic delicacies produced ecologically. Cheeses, wines, preserves, oil, beer… and if it is locally grown, better!


#4. Organic body care products and creams

Personal care product gift sets are nothing new. Instead of anonymous products, what do you think, choose ecological, natural, and specific products for any requirement? 


#5. Electric or bamboo toothbrush

Yes, they all have brushes, but do you know what happens with traditional plastic brushes? If each person changes their toothbrush regularly every three months, they will have used and thrown away around 360 brushes in their lifetime. Toothbrushes are non-recyclable waste. Instead, bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable, while electric toothbrushes allow you to dispose of only the head using the same support for many years or even forever. A gift for the planet!


#6. DIY Gifts

If you are a creative person and are good at crafts, creating your own gift is optional. No matter what it is, just the fact of giving someone something made with your own hands, you are giving something extraordinary. You only need free time to dedicate to your creation and a good tutorial.


#7. Aromatherapy diffuser

By giving a diffuser for aromatherapy and natural essential oils, you give well-being, health, and harmony to your loved ones. It is a valid gift for almost any member of the family, and you can choose essential oils according to the needs of the person. Christmas is the ideal time to give these types of products, relax thoroughly during the holidays, and start the new year better.


#8. Handcrafted gifts

Depending on the person’s preferences, you can tailor the search to your liking and choose handmade gifts. Are you looking for a gift for wine lovers? You are looking for local options, at kilometer 0 and ecological; Surely, in your city, you can find artisans for whatever you are looking for: wines, sweets, jewelry, natural cosmetics, home decorations, clothing, musical instruments, etc…