Vegan Fragrances: 5 Brands with Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Aromas

The beauty industry is one of the largest contributors to waste disposal. From the use of facial wipes (one of the worst culprits) to over-packaging, it’s time to reconsider our purchases of beauty products, and that goes for fragrances as well.

In the last few years, firms with natural and vegan fragrances have been made their debut in the fashion world. Vegan cosmetics have been gaining prominence in our consumer needs and philosophies, whether it’s perfumes, makeup, facial or body products without animal origin ingredients and cruelty-free. Vegan, natural and sustainable fragrances take care of our skin, delight our smell and contribute to the environment’s protection. Let’s check 5 of the most vegan brands with ecological and cruelty-free aromas!


#1. Laboratory Perfumes: Unique Aromas

Founded in 2011, Laboratory Perfumes creates vegan, unisex and unique fragrances, as they are formulated to react differently in each person and evolve throughout the day. Both its eau de toilette and its candles are made in the UK with sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients. 


Five aromas make up Laboratory Perfumes, namely:

  1. Amber is a rich, woody and complex fragrance, with grey amber mixed with spicy notes. 
  2. Gorse smells like summer. It opens with the first touch of citrus and then gives way to coconut and cardamom. 
  3. Samphire evokes the fresh air of the coast through different essences: juniper berries, citrus, lavender, rosemary, basil, verbena, oakmoss.
  4. Tonka reminds us of the aromas of the forest thanks to vanilla, pink peppercorns and zingy tangerine. 
  5. Finally, the warmest and most sumptuous, Atlas. With notes of tobacco, rum, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper.


#2. Lush: Liquid and Solid Fragrances

Lush is probably the best known of this list by the general public. The brand of natural cosmetics includes a wide range of perfumes, body sprays and solid perfumes. All of them are vegan. Lush actively fights to end the testing on animals. As a result of their research investment, they have managed to test 1000 Lush products in cells in a safe way.


#3.A New Signature: Maar Fragrances

Maar Fragrances is born from the hand of Marina Garcia, who, after having worked with giants of the sector as Inditex or Puig, has launched the world startup with an own proposal, more natural, sustainable, vegan and of proximity.


Mina, Nayla and Élise are the three fragrances of the firm. Mina is a citric, luminous, fresh and happy perfume. Its main ingredient is bergamot oil from the Italian region of Calabria. Nayla is a tribute to the delicacy of the orange blossom that grows in Tunisia in Nabeul. It is a floral and attractive fragrance. Its floral notes are mixed with a heart of neroli oil and background of iris and vanilla. Elise is the most daring. Inspired by the blackcurrant that grows in Burgundy’s French region, it has an oriental and more opulent aroma.


All three have 97% natural ingredients, the alcohol they contain is organic, they are not tested on animals, their packaging is recyclable in parts, do not use cellophane, and their components come from local suppliers. The company also allocates 2% of its sales to the Save the Med Foundation, which fights for the marine regeneration of the Mediterranean.


#4. Le Labo: Status Symbol

Le Labo was born in Grasse, the capital of perfumery on the French Riviera. But it was in New York that he grew up and became the firm he is today. Its most outstanding feature is its handcrafted character. Each fragrance is hand blended and customized to order. Its product line includes, in addition to a wide range of perfumes, body, hair and face products; a line for shaving; and home fragrances in the form of candles and air fresheners. Its bet for veganism in its products is clear. In fact, on their website, you can read: “We believe that it is more humane to test cosmetics on New Yorkers than on animals.”


Its best-known fragrance is Santal 33, a unisex perfume created in 2011 and inspired by the West’s great American myth. With notes of cardamom, lily, violet, wood and spices. The New York Times said about it that, in New York and Los Angeles circles, if you don’t smell Santal, you’re nobody.


#5. Delisea: Biodegradable Packaging

The Delisea collection consists of four vegan fragrances for women and two for men. This Spanish company is committed to initially caring for the environment. Its packaging is 100% recycled paper; the ink is ecological; the fragrances’ cap comes from sustainably managed forests. Most curious of all, the label is made with a biodegradable seed paper that can be planted. Each of its four feminine perfumes belongs to a different olfactory range: Suna is gourmand; Coral, citrus; Sea Bloom, floral and Adarce, oriental-floral. The label of Delisea’s perfumes can be planted since it is made of seed paper.