10 Festive and Sustainable Alternatives to Fireworks

At midnight, on New Year’s Eve, we shoot giant fireworks into the sky. Not only is that dangerous and scary (especially for animals), but it’s also harmful to the environment. There are good reasons to choose environmentally friendly alternatives to fireworks. Some ideas are listed below.

1) Confetti (leaves)

Confetti cannons are a big hit at parties. First a bang, then lots of tenderness and color. Why not burst confetti outdoors and help the environment? Then get ready for biodegradable leaf confetti. You guessed it, confetti made of leaves. You can find different types on the Internet.

2) Colored Powder

A word of advice: if possible, use this substitute only for outdoor fireworks. You don’t want to be dusting your home months later, do you? A good use of these color bombs can liven up your New Year’s Eve party. With the same wrappers as confetti shells, you can buy all kinds of colored powders to create a massive explosion of color.

3) Balloons

Another impressive indoor suggestion is balloons with confetti inside. A spectacular and colorful alternative to fireworks, the balloons are touched with a sharp needle in 0.00 strokes to… Ta-da! Simulate a small fireworks display. As a bonus, balloons are also a great decoration to start the New Year.

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4) Disco Lights

Remember the old-fashioned disco lights? They will be a great addition to your New Year’s Eve celebration. When you place a dazzling, colorful disco lamp in a dark, atmospheric living room, the colors and sparkle of the light make it look like a decorative firework display, don’t you think? This is where these disco lamps come in, especially when set to the rhythm of music.

5) Twinkling Stars

There is still something magical about celebrating the New Year with the stars. Relatively harmless, it is an alternative to all fireworks. There is less waste than most fireworks, so try the stars this year.

6) Glow Sticks

A colorful alternative readily available online or in stores is glow sticks.

The plastic tubes typically glow when the chemicals inside react with them

According to Glowproducts.com, the dye inside the product makes the tubes appear to glow for about 24 hours. The retailer also states that temperature affects the durability and brightness of the sticks.

In warmer temperatures, the tubes glow brighter, but the lighting time is shorter than in colder environments.

In colder environments, the sticks will glow darker, but their glow will last longer.

7) Soap Bubbles

An eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to fireworks are soap bubbles

Typically, a liquid such as soap, forms air-filled bubbles.

These floating objects last only a few seconds and their shape is determined by surface tension.

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8) Drone Shows

A fast-growing alternative to fireworks is the drone show.

While ordinary households have one or two at their disposal, private companies specializing in shows may deploy hundreds of them to light up the night sky.

There are several cities where fireworks have been banned due to drought, so the demand for drone shows is high.

9) Wishing Lanterns

Use wish lanterns made of colored paper and let them fly in the air. It will be a much more colorful show than when you light fireworks. Moreover, these lanterns are 100% environmentally friendly and harmless to children and adults. These lanterns range from simple to elegant, with different designs and motifs.

10) Vuvuzela

Vuvuzelas were popular during the World Cup in South Africa. They are small plastic horns, two feet long, and produce a loud sound. However, since the vuvuzela sounds so loud, many people do not like it as a substitute for firecrackers.

With safe alternatives such as the above, anyone can enjoy their special occasions and parties to the fullest!

9 Tips for a Waste-Free Party

Your birthday or someone very special is coming, and you’re going to throw a party? Yay! But have you thought about how to minimize waste in the organization of the event? You can plan a super party without garbage and debris! Check out the tips here!

1) Forget the Balloons!

Use colored ribbons that can be reused over the years. They are beautiful and give a lot of life to the environment. A decoration made with handmade or reusable items gives a special touch to the party.

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2) Do Not Exaggerate the Feast

Calculate the number of people coming and the amount of food needed. When in doubt, it is better to estimate a little down than a pile-up because the leftovers are often lost in the end and result in waste. Don’t forget that many children start eating a dish, but don’t finish it. The good idea is to make small amounts of varied dishes. Finally, if you have to buy ingredients in supermarkets, choose ingredients with recyclable packaging and preferably with the I-recycling seal.

3) Choose Reusable Cups, Plates, and Cutlery

Ask family and friends to lend you some extras if necessary. This way, you save money and don’t generate a pile of garbage at the party’s end. When it comes to napkins, fabric napkins are always the best option! A small and seemingly insignificant object, like a napkin, can have a considerable impact on the environment. For instance, if 50% of the American population used one paper napkin three times a day per meal, over one year only, 164,250,000 (yes billion) napkins would be used!

4) Reuse Candles From Previous Parties

The candles on a cake are the center of attention for a few seconds. After they are lit, they still have a lot of life left in them. Reuse them on other occasions!

5) Make Confetti From Leaves

Did you know that confetti is a super polluter? Confetti is often made of paper, but it is also regularly made of plastic. This plastic can end up in the environment after being discarded. A sustainable and festive alternative is to make confetti from leaves yourself. Collect a pile of sturdy leaves and start (with the children) with a punch. Don’t forget the Christmas lights. This ensures a festive and welcoming atmosphere, even if it’s not Christmas.

6) Ask Guests to Reduce the Packaging and the Cards They Buy

The amount of waste the guests produce is surprising. To wrap a gift, only a sheet and a bow, preferably cellophane (since it is recyclable), are enough.

7) Avoid Outdoor Parties

Yes, there won’t be any waste for you, but the amount of waste generated by an out-of-home party is massive. If for some reason you want to do it anyway, a picnic in a park is better. It’s a fun option, and with good planning, it can also be waste-free!

8)Buy or Make Games That Can Be Reused

Reuse toys, milk cartons, boxes, and other things to make games and treasure hunts. The kids will love it! Moreover, you can save them from being used in a new game next year!

9) Don’t Waste Time and Money on Souvenir Bags

Most “souvenirs” are plastic garbage that ends up in a landfill, such as candy, lollipops, and chocolates. Instead, give your guests a piece of cake to take home with them. If you want something more elaborate, give seed and a vase for your guests to plant at home. It will be much more original!

With these tips, you can keep festive waste to a minimum and have more fun!