Unclogging A Drain: Who Should Pay?

The drain is an important element in a house. It is used to drain household wastewater. Sometimes it can become blocked. In this case, it is imperative to unclog the pipe. Not doing it quickly enough exposes the inhabitants of the house to inconveniences. If you are wondering who should pay for the unclogging work like many people, you have come to the right place. Find out in this article some of the answers.

Why call a professional to unclog your drain?


Contacting a professional is the ultimate solution when faced with a clogged drain. Calling a plumber guarantees you certain professionalism during the work. Indeed, the latter has a strong experience in the field. This allows him to detect the cause of the obstruction of your pipe quickly. Also, he will know which material to use to guarantee your entire satisfaction.

The expert in drain unblocking allows you to gain efficiency and speed in the execution of your work. Nowadays, it is less challenging to find unclogging specialists around us. All you have to do is go online and search for your locality. You can also check online business directories.

How much does it cost to unclog a drain?

Before you can figure out who should pay for the drain cleaning, you need to know how much it costs. Contrary to what some people think, there is no fixed price for unclogging a drain. In fact, the price varies according to various parameters. Here are some criteria that are taken into account to fix the price of unblocking a pipe.

The place of intervention

To fix the cost of unclogging your drain, your plumber will take into consideration the place of intervention. That is to say, your residence. Indeed, the plumber will have to travel to your place of residence so that you can benefit from these services. His displacement is, to some extent, at your expense. This is why we recommend that you use professionals who are close to your home. It is quite beneficial.

On the day of intervention

Your plumber will also take into account the week when determining the cost of unclogging your drain. In fact, the price depends on the day of the week. The working days (Monday to Friday) are different from the weekend. It will thus be necessary to inform you well near your professional. This will allow you to know which day is the most economically advantageous for you.

The material to use during the intervention

In order to fix the cost of unblocking your drain, the professional also takes into account the material to be used. Indeed, the professional has the choice between two categories of methods. The mechanical methods and the chemical ones. Each of these methods requires the use of specific materials. Thus, each material influences the price of unblocking your drain.

Who is responsible for paying for the unclogging of a drain?


The answer to this question is simply the tenant. The tenant must pay for the entire cost of unclogging a drain. Indeed, the law makes him responsible for the general maintenance of his house. There is a decree that lists all the rental repairs that the tenant must take care of. The unblocking of the pipes is one of them.

If the tenant is absent, the owner can take charge of the repairs. The landlord will have to charge the plumber’s service to the tenant once he is there. Unclogging a drain will be the landlord’s responsibility if the clog occurred before the tenant’s lease.

In summary, unclogging a clogged drain is very important. This task is usually the tenant’s responsibility, but in some cases, it must be taken care of by the owner. Similarly, if the clog occurs in a common area of the building, the landlord will also be responsible.

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