Let’s Have Fun While Avoiding Plastic (Part One)

There is so much plastic around us that reducing its use is a no-brainer. Depending on where you live, your family or economic situation may be more or less complicated, but it’s clear that there is always something to be done.

Many times when we set a goal, such as reducing the use of disposable plastic, we tend to think about the difficulties rather than the simple things. Our minds are plastic, we will mold them to keep evolving.

But, it is not a sacrifice. It’s not about all or nothing, it’s about doing what we can each according to our circumstances. And there is always something else to do. How about doing it while having some fun?

Well, that’s what we did – we stopped using plastic, step by step as in a game with the goal of zero waste. We first thought we would never get there, but we learned a lot and have fun along the way.

So how about you treat it like a game too and try to get to the next level? Excited to learn more and be a step closer towards better sustainability? Keep reading below!


Level I

Reusable Bags

It’s basic, but all you have to do is go to any store or supermarket and you’ll know something is wrong. Remember to always have a reusable bag in your purse, backpack or car trunk.

Avoid Over-Packaging

It’s easy to see which one to choose between a bunch of bananas in bulk and a banana in a Styrofoam tray.

Avoid Mineral Water

In many places, water doesn’t taste as good as you’d like, but you can always look for alternatives, like filters or reusable bottles that you can take home. In this case, it’s hard to generalize but ask around, sometimes there are many more options than you think. And remember, even if the filters or bottles are plastic, nothing happens, the main idea is to reduce.

Reuse Small Plastic Bags to Buy Fruits and Vegetables in Bulk

Who says they can’t be reused? Just as you reuse a large one, you can reuse a small one.

Choose the Large Sizes When You Have No Choice But to Buy a Product Packaged in Plastic

Oddly enough, there is less waste in the large containers than in the small ones. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should waste food, because that would be meaningless.


Level II

Buy in Bulk As Much As Possible

Bulk sales are much more common than you might think. Go to markets, local stores and ask. You’ll be surprised how many options you have that you didn’t know about.

No Straws, Please

Fortunately, the vast majority of people can drink directly from the glass, why use a straw? They are usually plastic and unnecessary, you’ll just have to go ahead and ask for your “strawless” drink.

Avoid Unsustainable Establishments

There are some places where, for a sit-down meal or drink, they put everything in disposable. I’m sure there’s another one next door that has reusable dishes.

Look for Reusable Alternatives

If you like to drink coffee to go, buy a reusable cup. If you like to drink with a straw, get a glass or metal one. Fortunately, every disposable product has a reusable alternative.

If there isn’t one, choose paper or glass. When buying something packaged, choose glass or paper containers over plastic. It’s not the ideal option, but at least they’re easier to recycle and if they end up in the environment, they’re not so problematic.

There you go! All those sound easy right? So get at them now, and once you are all set, come back to check our next levels in the second article. Until then, tell us what step you think will be the most easy to follow and tell us why in the comments below.


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