8 Sustainable Products You Should Own To Be More Eco-Friendly

You’ve set a new goal! You want to fight against the depletion of natural resources. Yet, you’re not sure how to become more Eco-Friendly. An easy way to start is to try meeting your needs without compromising the ecological balance and future generations’ survival chances to survive. How? By investing in sustainable products!

Here are 8 sustainable products you should buy to start saving the Earth:

1. Bamboo Paper Towels

When you choose bamboo paper towels rather than traditional napkins, you can significantly reduce tissue consumption’s negative impact on the planet. These are made up of sustainable certified organic bamboo and are reusable as they can be washed. These are also more resilient and absorbent than conventional paper towels.

2. Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

These sustainable forks, spoons and knives will bring your new lifestyle to another level! If you want to become Eco-Friendly, we recommend that you ditch using plastic and start using bamboo, which is one of the best renewable materials. In fact, once they are cut down, bamboo stalks can regrow within days of they get some water and an appropriate place to grow.

3. Glass Containers

We all know that plastic containers are not environmental-friendly. Sustainable alternatives are glass containers with silicone covers. These will be handy when you have leftovers or when you need to microwave your food. Plus, as these containers are equipped with a dual lock lid that seals tight, your food is kept fresh and there is no chance of spills.

4. Reusable Zip-Locks

On those mornings where you are in a complete rush and don’t have time to pack your food, the reusable zip-locks will be perfect for you. These Eco-Friendly bags, usually made of fabric or silicon, are a good way of preserving your food. Plus, you can use it at home or quickly pack your lunch in it when you are on the go. 

5. Reusable Tea Bags

If you want to be more sustainable, reusable tea bags will be your cup of tea. You can choose to purchase organic homemade tea bags designed to reduce the use of plastic or make your own at home. If you have a piece of fabric, some thread and pins, a pair of scissors, and a needle, you are good to go.

6. Konjac Sponges 

Did you know that you could be sustainable under your shower as well? In fact, you can get rid of your plastic loofahs and go for a more natural option, Konjac sponges. These are plant-based and vegan products made of the Konjac root, which is a vegetable found in Asia. These sponges also contain charcoal and are 100% biodegradable. Hence you can add them to your compost once it starts decaying. 

7. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

These reusable makeup remover pads can be used over and over again but are usually biodegradable as well. These sustainable products will save the environment and will also cut on your expenses, saving you the hassle of continually buying cotton pads. You can find high- quality pads made up of bamboo fibers on the market.

8. Rattan Handbags

Be stylish with these sustainable handbags. Rattan handbags have recently become a fashion trend, but you are also sure to make a positive environmental impact while investing in them. First, you will stop buying bags made of plastic and you will be using a product made of a durable and Eco-Friendly material.

While buying these sustainable products, you are now sure to reduce your carbon footprints and live a more guilt-free and Eco-Friendly lifestyle. Have you purchased any other environmental-friendly goods recently that you find useful? Leave your recommendations in the comments section! 

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