6 Activities to Teach Your Kids on Sustainability

Are you one of those who believe that small actions can change the world? Are you one of those who believe that we still have time to find a way to live in harmony with the planet by being more eco-friendly? Adopting a sustainable lifestyle by teaching this concept to our kids can be a great way to start.

The first and most fundamental step may be to explain to them the idea that the planet is not ours, that we don’t have the right to use it fully, and that we are, instead, just another part of it. We share space with many other species and living beings, and other people with different needs and realities.

However, it is not necessary to devote yourself only to talking and exchanging serious and complex ideas, taking care of the planet and those of us who live on it can also be a lot of fun! In this article, we write on sharing the sustainability concept with kids playfully and enjoyably. These activities can be done at home and at the educational center to work on values like ecology, solidarity, and empathy.


1. Homemade Shopping Bag

Do you have a t-shirt or an old piece of clothing and you’re about to throw it away? Don’t even think about it! Instead, with your kids, you can convert it into a fashionable and sustainable shopping bag. One of the most important ecological goals is reducing waste, especially plastics, because recycling is particularly difficult.


2. DIY Your Hygiene, Food or Cleaning Products

Are you wondering what you can do with your kids when you have some free time on a rainy afternoon? Think about some fun DIY sessions. From processed foods, such as preserves or sauces, to organic hygiene and cleaning products, there is an extensive array of products that you can do at home with your little ones’ help. And if you use local and environmentally friendly products, it will be even better!


3. Give a Second Life to Old Objects

It is time to put your creativity to the test! In what can a burnt-out bulb be transformed into? And old jeans? Before you buy something you want so much, think about whether it’s a real need and, if so, if it can be fulfilled by finding a new purpose for something you already own. It will be a fabulous craft workshop with your children!


4. Give Your Bicycle a Second Thought


Cycling is a means of transportation that doesn’t consume non-renewable fossil fuels, doesn’t pollute, and helps you stay in shape physically and mentally, and these are all advantages! Getting the little ones to use their bicycles on short trips, teaching them the basic rules of safety and traffic, is an excellent way for them to standardize its use and make it their usual means of transportation.


5. Less Is More

Sometimes we have so many objects that we are not able to appreciate and value them. How about doing an activity to prioritize recognition, in which the child chooses the toys that make him/her really happy and gives the rest to the other children. Enjoying the positive feeling generated by sharing with others is an indescribable moment; turn it into a game and a way of teaching your child to live with less! And when he grows up, he will already be used to the zero waste and sustainability concept.


6. Plant Your Own Food

Have you not yet dared to create a garden at home or the educational center? This is an exciting idea that allows children to learn about healthy eating, know about local products and the time of the year when consumed, and work responsibly when growing their own food.

What do you think of these activities? Are there another similar one you do with your little ones? Remember to share it with us in the comments below!

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