5 Online Tools To Live Sustainability

With issues such as global warming and pollution becoming more of a danger with each passing day, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. It might be difficult to take time out of a busy schedule to ensure that your lifestyle is sustainable in the digital age.

However, if we truly want to keep to behaviors that will enhance the state of the world, we must include the concept of sustainability into our daily lives as well. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 applications and online tools to assist you transition to a digitally sustainable existence.


“I use my phone way too much,” we’ve all thought at some point. In the United States, the average person checks his phone at least 110 times every day. Forest may be the app for you if you’re attempting to cut down on your screen time.

Forest can not only assist you in overcoming cell phone addiction, but it has also begun a tree-planting project. Once engaged, the software locks all other apps on your phone, preventing you from slacking off and forcing you to focus on the work at hand. As you work, a virtual tree grows, and when you’re done, it rewards you with in-app cash. These in-app coins allow you to plant real trees so that you can aid the environment while also being productive.

Enel X

Enel X is a leading energy transformation company that assists in the creation of a sustainable environment on both a personal and business level. Enel X has some wonderful tools for you, whether you’re just attempting to make your home more environmentally friendly or improving your company’s decarbonization strategy.

Enel X is a global company that works with responsible organizations and homes to help them accomplish their sustainability goals. It is offered in 20 countries. They’ve also devised a specific demand management program for manufacturing units that compensates them for implementing sustainable energy policies.

Loss Of the Night

Light pollution is soon proving to be a far worse issue than scientists could have predicted. Excessive outdoor lighting has the ability to convert night into day, and while this is convenient for the typical human, it upsets wildlife’s natural balance and raises carbon dioxide levels. Furthermore, light pollution is a significant impediment to astronomical research.

We can become citizen scientists in Loss Of The Night by reporting the brightness of the places around us. The app asks users to indicate if you can see certain stars in the sky to measure skyglow, and your replies are used to build a database for academics working to reduce light pollution. If you’re a stargazer who also wants to help the environment, this software will allow you to put your passion to good use.

Coach Recycle

In many countries, recycling has become an important aspect of trash management, yet we often overlook the fact that we are doing it right. Because most people have no understanding what happens inside a recycling plant, it’s simple to make mistakes.

Recycle Coach seeks to assist individuals in properly recycling their waste, and their advice is targeted to your home and locality. The app gathers information on how your local recycling facility operates and assists you in learning new and effective recycling techniques so that you can do your part successfully.

Good Guide

In this day and age, many products claim to be environmentally friendly, but few of them can back up their claims. It can be tough to make ecologically responsible decisions, but Good Guide can assist you.

Good Guide is an app that lets you look up companies and goods for almost everything you can think of, and it tells you about their health, environmental, and social impact. It contains approximately 60,000 products in its database, including games, consumables, cosmetic, electronics, and much more. The app also assists you in finding better alternatives to these things and making purchases that are better for you and the environment.


It takes time to develop excellent habits, but regular attempts might help you reach to the point where they feel natural to you. We’ve arrived at a point in history where sustainability must become an integral part of everyone’s life. You may jumpstart your sustainability journey and start helping the environment right now by adopting these basic yet effective digital tools.

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