5 Ideas to Reduce Your Water Consumption in an Apartment

Saving water is not a new practice, but it is important. Every little thing you do to conserve water in your apartment can make a big difference, not only to your water bill, but also to the planet.

Did you know that about 10 liters of water come out of a typical faucet every minute? Small changes in your daily habits can mean the conservation of thousands of liters of water. In the following article, we will explain 5 ways to reduce water consumption in your apartment.

Fix Leakage Problems

Water leaks are common in all homes, whether they are old or new. However, we don’t realize the huge amount of water that is wasted if leaks are not identified and corrected immediately. Therefore, before implementing any other water saving measures, the first thing to do is to look for leaks in the pipes and eliminate them.

Even if it is a small leak, it is important to address and eliminate it as soon as possible, as this problem can waste thousands of liters of water per year. So it’s important that you make sure your home doesn’t have a leak problem.

Use Low-Flow Faucets

One of the best ways to save water in your apartment is to make sure that all common and public areas are equipped with low-flow faucets. Low water toilets, sinks and showers are great options because they reduce the amount of water you use, without having to think about it.

Here, we recommend that all apartments for sale be equipped with low-flow faucets, so that tenants can save up to about 65% on their water usage. In addition, as an apartment owner, you should allow for water treatment for irrigation of green areas. This not only optimizes water usage, but also minimizes maintenance costs.

Buy Efficient Appliances That Use Less Water

It may not be possible to change your appliances that are still working optimally, but when it’s time to buy new ones, consider looking for models that use less water.

As technology develops, more and more technological equipment, such as dishwashers, are available with multiple features to optimize the smart use of water. In fact, newer appliances tend to be more energy efficient, while also being more water efficient.

Reuse Water

Reusing water may seem odd at first, but if you think about it, it could be a pretty smart move on our part in terms of contributing to the planet and the financial burden of monthly bills. Here are some ways to reuse water effortlessly:

  • Reuse the water you use to wash vegetables when watering your houseplants. Remember, this water is rich in protein, which helps your plants grow stronger and healthier.
  • Place a plate under the pots of your plants, this way you can reuse any excess water left over.
  • Soak pots and pans instead of letting the water run while you clean them.
  • Also, another way to reuse water is through wetland treatment, where gray water is treated to irrigate green areas.

Controlling Water Use

In addition to putting into practice some ideas to conserve water, you need to control the use of this natural resource, because this is the main aspect when you start saving water. Therefore, you should always be aware of its use and control it. Here are some ideas to reduce water consumption:

  • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, washing dishes, etc.
  • Use the correct amount of water to water plants or water them with the water you use to wash fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Turn off taps when not in use.

In addition, you can educate your family and children about the importance of water and the value of saving it. This way, no water will be wasted in the future and you will certainly pass on this message of saving water to your friends for future generations.

Now you know how to save water at home. Don’t forget that by applying this type of innovative ideas, you can optimize the consumption of this natural resource so important for our planet, and at the same time you will contribute to the protection of the environment. We hope you have enjoyed this information!



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