5 Good Reasons to Become “Zero Waste”

5 Good Reasons to Become “Zero Waste”


Tired of the hyper-consumption society, some people embark on the adventure of zero waste. Still unknown, this way of life does not lack arguments in its favor.

Respecting the environment

The current state of nature requires the reduction of household waste. Recycling, composting, and reuse are also on the agenda.

Reducing your waste means:

    – fighting deforestation to produce packaging;

    – fighting against waste;

    Promoting sorting, recycling, composting, and reusing old objects (sale, donation, etc.).

Live more simply

Living as a zero-waste person can bring real benefit to the whole family. Based on healthy and thoughtful consumption, learning and passing on a different lifestyle to your children allow you to live more simply and get rid of the frills.

Reduce your waste to:

    – save money;

    – save space at home;

    – save time (no more queuing in shopping malls);

    – meet other people who share the same ideals.

Make your children aware of ecology.

In the future, ecology will become crucial. Today’s planet is accumulating non-recyclable waste, and greenhouse gases destroy the ozone layer. The adults of tomorrow will probably not have the same life as we have today.

Why educate your children about ecology?

5 Good Reasons to Become “Zero Waste”

Educate your children about ecology to:

    – instill in them ecological reflexes;

    – give them the keys to understanding the planet’s issues;

    – perhaps arouse vocations towards a profession turned towards nature;

    – teach them to respect the environment and to limit waste;

    – show them that it is possible to live more simply.

Save money

If you limit your waste, you also limit your expenses. The two go hand in hand. It can save you a lot of money.

    – You always buy just what you need: no food waste, for example.

    – You prefer to buy second-hand.

    – You recycle and salvage old objects.

    – You take stock and reduce your needs to the bare minimum.

Good to know: if you reduce your expenses throughout the year, you can save enough money for a vacation.

Stay mobile

Transferring, changing careers, and moving frequently, the world of work appreciates mobility. Today in Canada, New York, or Berlin, certain professions are incompatible with major moves and require you to travel light.

Your advantages in owning very little:

    – You will be satisfied with a small, simple, and charming apartment.

    – Your unwanted furniture and appliances are sold or donated to charity.

    – The money earned from the resale of your belongings allows you to buy others in your new city.

Even if “zero waste” in the strict sense of the term does not exist, this way of life is full of attractions. You can adhere to it and pursue the ecological approach in many areas.

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